Day 11 of My Captivity

I have been back in Florida for a little over a week now. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with heat and humidity that has continuously tried to weigh me down to the extremely hot concrete every day of my sad American life. While I have been spending my time wisely (drinking my sorrows away while attempting to get a tan on the beautiful beaches of Florida), I can’t help but miss miserably rainy and cold London.

My friends are starting to get irritated with my lack of happiness and my dramatic, exasperating cries for help because my lungs can no longer breathe in the 97 degree heat. “You live in Orlando for God’s sake.” And yes, this is true. I live in the number one tourist destination in the world according to everyone who has suffered through my complaining. But where is the music scene? Where are the exciting clubs that fill my drunken mouth with nutella pancakes? Where are my beloved museums? Where is the extraordinary architecture?

I belong in London and my heart will yearn to be back until I book my next flight abroad.

Yes, I do enjoy the ocean, I enjoy the lake, I enjoy boating, tubing, and jet skiing. This is no longer what satisfies me. I have realized that the hustle and bustle of city life is the music to my ears, the nutella to my pancakes, the oyster card to my tube ride. My heart beats to a city pace.

Until next time, London. I love you.

5 Things I’ve Learned Abroad:

  1. ~You can’t trust everyone/be everyone’s friend: upon arrival and my first couple weeks/month in London, I saw the best of everyone on my program, I thought everyone was my friend. LIES. The one thing I’ve really learned about other study abroad students is that they are only there for themselves. This is their study abroad experience therefore they will only be doing what they want to do, regardless of stepping on other’s toes or not. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Luckily, I made friends with the very VERY few people who weren’t like this / most of my friends were students outside of studying abroad. And I love them so much and am so grateful for them.
  2. ~Make the most of every single day for time is precious: In a city as big as London, there’s so much I still haven’t seen which I probably could have seen if I had taken full advantage of the city. As much as I think I did, I could have done a lot more. The sights are endless.
  3. ~Keep an open mind at all times: Not open enough that your brain will fall out… But you’d be surprised as what you might end up liking/disliking. Living in a new culture can open your mind to so many new things. Going to a southern school makes me realize how close minded people are and how much I’ve learned and traveled on this trip makes me want to continue learning and traveling all over the world. 
  4. ~How much I appreciate America and my friends/family back home: I love London, this city has my heart— I’ll come crawling back as soon as possible but now I also LOVE America and am so proud to say I’m American…I’ve also realized just how lucky I am to be surrounded by the people that surround me.
  5. ~Do what makes you happy, even if it means doing it alone: Independence. There were so many days where I’d go exploring by myself…and it was the most freeing time. I could go where I wanted for however long I wanted to go. It was exhilarating walking through a city that is always hustling and bustling and just doing things on my own. I really learned independence.
HAPPY SUNDAY PEOPLE!  (Taken with Instagram)

HAPPY SUNDAY PEOPLE! (Taken with Instagram)

Good morning, world!  (Taken with Instagram)

Good morning, world! (Taken with Instagram)

Hey guyz,

I’m back in Tuscaloosa for round 2 at college. Let’s see, this semester started off with me finding out that my OLD lease was still binding. TALK ABOUT HAVING A HEART ATTACK DURING RuSh WoRkShOp. THANK GAWD I GOT OUTTA THAT ONE. Then I spent $70 on a tanning membership. Skin cancer, cum 2 me. Anyway, I have all my classes set up for the fall and it looks promising since none of them are before 10. Cool. Um I’m delirious so lyke post sum funny stuff so I can laugh a little. thx. hugz n kisses.

my-painful-tru-th said: I can relate to your sophomore resolutions.

haha I hope a lot of people can and I’m not the only crazy one -__-


Or my friendz or dogs?


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When someone I don’t even consider an acquaintance tries to start drama with me.

Sophomore Year Resolutions

1. Get good grades BOTH semesters.

2. ALWAYS make it back to MY room after a night out.

3. Get really involved in a church and extra curricular activities and my sorority.


5. Lose the freshman/summer weight I gained and then some.

6. Keep a positive attitude 90% of the time.

7. LOVE everyone, even those I have deemed unlovable.

8. Visit Baton Rouge, Oxford, Atlanta, Athens, Knoxville, Auburn, Fort Worth, and Birmingham at least once.


10. Spend da spring in London, check.